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What Are You Up Too Means Tunisie

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1 Idioms - What Does "what Are You Up To?" Mean? - …
"What are you up to?" means "What have you been doing lately?". If you add an adverb to the end of the phrase, for instance, "What are you up to tonight?" or "What are you up to this summer?" it can be interpreted as "What are you planning to do tonight?" or "What are you planning to do this summer?".

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2 What Are You Up To? Or What Are You Up Too? | …
08/02/2009 · It would be "to", though I've made the mistake of using "too" in that situation way too many times..

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3 What Does These Means ? (what Are You Up …
26/05/2013 · In a colloquial form, what are you up to definitely means "what are you doing" but the amount of suspicion in the question depends on the way in which it is said. Planning or going to do both refer to the future, whereas doing in "what are you doing" …

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4 Urban Dictionary: What Are You Up To?
what are you doing? ... buy the domain for your travel vlog

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5 Urban Dictionary: What Are You Up To?
"what are you up to?""what are you up to for today bro?" #what #are #you #up #to #wat #r #u #wat r u up to #too #wat u up to #what are you up to. by dan$89 April 02, 2009. 629 226. Get a what are you up to? mug for your cousin Vivek. 2. What are you upto? unknown. What have you being doing lately (or) What you gonna do. Veena opens up a chat window with Aravind and asks "What r u upto?" by ...

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6 "what Are You Up To?" | Wordreference Forums
19/07/2007 · The expression means "What are you doing" but the meaning is what are you thinking about "what are you cooking up". For example: The baby is quiet, I wonder what he is up to.

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7 What Have You Been Up To? - Idioms By The Free …
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

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8 Sentence Meaning - Is It "what Are You Up Today?" …
A third meaning is: doing something. Example: What are you up to right now? So, to answer your second question, it can mean, "what are your plans/what are you doing today", although it sounds more natural to use it when asking someone what he is doing right now.

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