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1 Tunisie (2) -
1. Écriture - Tunisie. VEUILLEZ PARTEGER CES RENSEIGNEMENTS AVEC VOS CO-ÉQUIPIERS. Conseil : concentrez-vous sur les développements en Phénicie pendant la période : 1300-800 AEC

2 Smoking During Pregnancy And Postpartum Among Tunisian Women
Institut national de Santé publique, Tunis, Tunisie. Abstract Because tobacco-related diseases are a growing health problem, we assessed tobacco smoking in Tunisia since 1970 using different sources.

3 Role Of Eidhr In Democratic Transition – Tunisia A Case ...
As noted in the EU Council Foreign Affairs Council meeting in January 2015, "Tunisia's democratic transition is a source of hope and inspiration for other peoples of the region".

4 International Declaration Of Support For The Tunisian ...
En Tunisie, comme cela a pu se passer ailleurs, nous ne doutons pas que certains, déjà, notamment au sein des services des États impérialistes, préparent la contre-révolution pour mater une fois pour toutes la mobilisation populaire.

5 Tunisia Protests - Wikileaks
The gangs with 2,000 people, armed with clubs and knives who terrorized schools throughout the capital of Tunisia on Tuesday, were the same who attacked the ministry, Rajhi told Hannibal, a popular private channel on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile he also announced the dismissal of 34 senior police officers and replacement of seven others. The security situation in the country was further strained ...

6 I -
Finally, on behalf of participants, a vote of thanks and a special vote of thanks were extended by the Secretary General of the Union to the Staff and Managing Director of STEG, as well as to the President, Government and people of Tunisia.

7 Report Of The Independent Expert On The Effects Of Foreign ...
Tunisia is facing significant economic and social challenges: lack of opportunities for young people, high unemployment, persistent regional disparities, lack of foreign investment, and unstable social and political environment. Addressing these challenges will not only improve living conditions within the country, but also be crucial to prevent violent extremism and terrorism.

8 Commissione Per La Promozione Della QualitÀ Della …
commissione per la promozione della qualitÀ della vita, gli scambi tra societÀ civile e la cultura

In Tunisia and many other countries, cancers will pose particular challenges for the healthcare system in the coming years. The number of new cases in the coming years will increase significantly, taking into account demographic changes and aging.

10 Upr Advance Questions - Tunisia - Ohchr
ADVANCE QUESTIONS TO TUNISIA (SECOND BATCH) BELGIUM. La Belgique salue le fait qu’un moratoire sur la peine de mort soit en vigueur en Tunisie depuis plus de 20 ans. Comme membre du Groupe des Amis du Deuxième Protocole qui vise l’abolition de la peine de mort, la Belgique espère compter sur la disponibilité de la Tunisie à envisager l ...

11 Tunisia: Permanent Observer Country - Oas
Tunisia’s foreign policy is based on international law to enhance conditions of understanding, tolerance and solidarity between States and peoples, confer more justice, democracy and balance on international relations, and promote security, stability, well-being and progress for the benefit of humanity.

12 Tunisia_draft_revised Proposal -
, Mr. Habib Essid, Tunisia’s former Prime Minister, stressed the need to offer more possibilities to young people and highlighted youth’s great potential. The objective is …

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